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These #10YearChallenge Posts From Brands Proves Their Creativity.

The Internet is getting new trends every new day, we had just shared how Gully Boy memes and world record egg became the favorites n social media marketing and now brands have a new trend to follow- #10YearChallenge.

From celebrities to business tycoons, everyone seems to be loving this trend and marketers are also proving that they are ready to take such challenged and engage their fans. Let’s have a look how popular brands have used this trend to communicate their journey in the past 10 years. Have a look:

10 minutes challenge, anyone?

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Now we actually know ki "Ladka Nikal Chuka hai!"
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Finger lickin' goodness never goes out of fashion.
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Pizza Hut India
Decade gone, our pizzas retain the same great taste!
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Challenge accepted! ;)
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Just like what we do, our price remains 'fixed'!
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Plan for the next today with

PS: Keep calm & stay invested 🤫
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Which one did you like the most? Do you know more such brands that are following this trend? Do let us know in the comments section…

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